Vision Statement & Mission Objective

Bhavan's Tripura College of Teacher Education, Tripura

Our Vision Statement:
  1. Preparation of skilled & resourceful teachers.
  2. Inculcation of values of citizenship, leadership, integrity, national solidarity and other national values required for being true and responsible citizen of our nation.
  3. Providing training in teaching skills and acquainting them with modern trends of education and evaluation system for quality education.
  4. Acquainting the student teachers with modern means of educational technology and communication system.
Mission of the Institution:
  1. To prepare the teachers with high caliber for all levels of education sound with the national and international goals.
  2. To cater to the pressing needs of the students' problems and to suggest, a meaningful and visibly relevant system of teacher education.
  3. To produce teachers with knowledge and character, ideals and aspirations, attitudes and motivations.
  4. To train teachers as leaders of the emerging society with sense of public responsibility.
  5. To equip the teachers with motivation for manifold activities to lead a good socialized life.
  6. To produce competency bases and committed teachers for all levels of education.
  7. Empowerment of youth through imparting high-quality education, training and research.
  8. Promoting innovation in teaching, learning, research and consultancy services.
  9. Making India a better place based on quality education & entrepreneurial knowledge formation.
Objectives of the Institutions:
  1. To provide suitable condition for the study of teaching-learning techniques.
  2. To manage and supervise the learners for their teaching Internship.
  3. To set up new ideas to promote the study through modern technology.
  4. To publish books, journals, etc on teacher education.
  5. To organize conference, seminar, workshop, orientation programme to help augment study on teaching.
  6. To usher in an all round development of the trainee by helping him/her gain knowledge as well as making them fluent speakers and expressive writers.
  7. To organize campus interview for playing the outgoing trainees in their respective field.